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  • Yes. People will now want to ‘Move to Miami,’ thanks to this sexy video

Yes. People will now want to ‘Move to Miami,’ thanks to this sexy video


They’ve done it again. Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull have teamed up for their “Move to Miami” video.

Unlike other videos about the Magic City, with splashy scenes of the beach and the glitz, this one shows our grittier side.

It opens in an alleyway, which looks to be somewhere in downtown; you see the AmericanAirlines Arena in the background.

Iglesias is standing against a wall, looking tough, then gets in a car, with a gyrating female climbing on the hood. The vid, directed by local filmmaker Fernando Lugo, has a dusky, throwback feel to it.

Pitbull soon arrives to the scene. Then the action moves to a darkly lit club, with various dancers bumping and grinding to the beat of the track, which is basically about hot the women are here.

“She gon’ make you move to Miami
She moving like a gypsy (gypsy, gypsy)
Her body got me tipsy
I should take a step back, fall back
This girl got me feelin’ risky
She ready for the taking
And I got the motivation
‘Cause when you see her dance there’s a chance
You might not come home from vacation.”

Yes, this sexy video may make you want to move to Miami if you love the nightlife, sensual dancers and our two famous local superstars.

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