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    Miami & Ft Lauderdale in the top 10 FUN Cities in US

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    According to Miami is ranked #3 in the United State in ranking of the Most Fun Cities.  Ft Lauderdale pops in at number 7.   The comparison considered the 150 largest US cities.
    Three main categories were considered in the rankings: Entertainment and Recreation, Nightlife and Costs.  As one might expect, both Miami and Ft Lauderdale’s strongest categories were entertainment and nightlife with high scores in number of public beaches, and restaurants and fitness centers per capita.
    Some might argue that the #1 and # 2 cities in the rankings, Las Vegas and Orlando, had unfair advantages with key metrics considered; Number of Casino’s and Attractions per capita,  South Floridians must wonder, without those in metrics, “Would Miami have topped the chart?”
    Source: Wallethub


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